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The Exact Group can manufacture your required part in the most cost-effective and timely fashion using our expansive and ever-increasing range of machinery. Whether it is manufacturing one component or thousands of components, Exact can offer a tailored solution in the machining process.

With extensive research and development over the years, we have perfected the core of work holding needs, which can be modified to create bespoke fixtures and pallet systems for each individual customer. Ensuring production parts are efficiently machined and low volume parts are accurately made allows us to compete with any company in the world. At Exact, we continually test and push the boundaries with our machine tooling. From this R&D, we have the ability to machine faster, enhance surface finishes and ensure prolonged tool life, all of which allows us to reduce costs and ultimately benefit our customers.

Once an order has been placed, all components pass through the engineering department, where drawings and 3D CAD files are inspected. A machining strategy is then developed and discussed as a team, prior to any other processes or routing beginning. Once our team is confident on strategy and routing, all parts are programmed using industry leading CAM software, hyperMILL. Programmes are checked and verified against the original part model file to ensure no deviation has occurred. Generating the NC code from the CAM system is fully collision checked prior to any manufacturing taking place. From this stage, packs and routing are created to follow the job from start to finish through the machine shop, where our skilled machinists do what they do best.

Our plant includes a diverse and wide range of machine tools, all with various working envelopes and features, and with both 3 and 5 axis machine tools with some of the largest bed sizes and spindle speeds available on the market, we have a great advantage within precision engineering. We use key suppliers and always the industry leading equipment to ensure we continue to provide the very best products and service to our customers.

Our plant list includes:

  • 5AXIS UMC750 Super Speed (3 available)

Working Envelope: – 762mm X travel 508mm Y travel 508mm Z travel B axis +120º to -35º C axis 360º with full simultaneous 5 axis capabilities

  • 5AXIS UMC500 (3 available)

Working Envelope: – 610mm X travel 406mm Y travel 406mm Z travel B axis +120º to -35º C axis 360º with full simultaneous 5 axis capabilities

  • 5AXIS DMG EVO (2 available)

Working Envelope: – 508mm X travel 420mm Y travel 508mm Z travel B axis +91º to -1º C axis 360º with full simultaneous 5 axis capabilities

  • 5AXIS DMG TWIN PALLET (1 available)

Working Envelope: – 650mm X travel 508mm Y travel 508mm Z travel B axis +90º to        -0.7º C axis 360º

  • VMC 3axis SMALL (6 available)

Working Envelope: – 508mm X travel 406mm Y travel 508mm Z travel

  • VMC 3axis MEDIUM (5 available)

Working Envelope: – 1270mm X travel 508mm Y travel 635mm Z travel

  • VMC 3axis LARGE (3 available)

Working Envelope: – 3048mm X travel 1016mm Y travel 762mm Z travel

At the Exact Group, we take immense pride in our work and continually strive to improve what we do, which was evidenced by our entry into the SC21 programme at Silver level, being the first company in Ireland to do so.

We will continue to ensure we deliver your order when you need it.

CNC Milling
CNC Milling
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CNC Milling

To find out more about the services offered by the experts at the Exact Group, please get in touch with us.

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